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Does JuJu contain sulphites?

Yes, our winemakers add small amounts of sulphites as a preservative, to keep our wine from oxidizing so it tastes fresh! In fact all wine, beer and cheese contains some amount of sulphites as it is a natural by-product of fermentation.

How long does JuJu last once opened?

We recommend consuming an opened box of JuJu within 6 weeks... so much longer than a bottle of wine! After that, it is still totally fine to drink, it just may not taste quite as fresh as it did the day you opened it. Storing opened JuJu in the fridge or a cool, dark area can help it to last longer.

Can I age boxed wine?

JuJu is ready to be consumed now! Our wines are produced and sent to stores when they are tasting their best so we don’t recommend aging them.

Aren’t boxed wines poor quality?

Boxed wines used to have a bad reputation… but JuJu is not like other boxed wines! We tasted a lot of quality wines from the finest winegrowing regions around the world until we found the best! Our wines over deliver in taste and quality!

Why isn’t there a vintage date on the box?

A wine’s vintage refers to the year that the grapes were harvested, and so the wine will reflect the growing conditions for that particular year. The same wine can vary in style from year to year depending on weather and other outside influences. Non-vintage wines like ours focus on expressing a consistent style, so no matter when you are buying JuJu, it should always taste the same.

How many bottles are in one box of wine?

Each 3 litre box of JuJu is the equivalent of 4 standard 750ml bottles of wine.

Why is JuJu environmentally friendly?

Glass is a lot heavier and bulkier to transport than cardboard – most bottled wines require shipping glass bottles, from as far as China, to Europe & North America, where the wine is bottled and then those filled bottles are shipped to Canada, that’s a lot of CO2 emissions!  We ship the best wines from the best regions in a large container and then package it here in BC.  Once packaged, shipping wine in boxes lowers the carbon emissions by about half per litre. Glass also takes a lot more energy to produce than cardboard does.


JuJu’s packaging is also fully recyclable: simply separate the plastic bag and spout from the cardboard box and recycle both with your other plastics and cardboard.

Is JuJu vegan?

We do not use any animal products or fining agents in the production of our wine.

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